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1-888-TYPE-IT-UP Review 2022 - Scam or Legit?

 Is 1888TypeItUp Jobs A Scam?

Oh, my word! That is a great question!. 

Straight off the bat I'll tell you there is a lot to be concerned about in regards to1-888 Type It Up.

I'll cover my concerns as I detail the company and their work from home opportunity in a professional and unbiased fashion. 

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Are you read to find out if 1-888-Type-It-Up is Legit or a Scam?


Then stay tuned and keep reading!. 

1-888 Type It Up Jobs Review 

Product Name: 188TypeItUp

Founder(s): Unknown. 

Product Type: Work From Home Remote Transcription Jobs

1888 Type it up legit or scam

Price: US$39 to US$99 examination fee.

Best For: Nobody!. 

1 888 Type It up Jobs Review

Summary: This company is very questionable regarding their legitimacy and a job being available. Even if the job is real why would you pay a US$39 test fee when hundreds of other potential employers in the industry do not charge such a fee?.

Keep reading to find out better alternatives. 

Rating: 0/100

Recommended: No.  

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What Is 1888TypeItUp?

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1-888 Type It Up Jobs Review 

What Is 1888TypeItUp?

How Does 1888TypeItUp Work?

What Is The Work Like?

What Are The Application Requirements?

What Is The Application Process Like?

Are There Any Set Working Hours?

How Much Can You Make With 1-888-Type-It-Up?

How Does 1-888 Type It Up Pay You?

Is This A WorldWide Work From Home Opportunity?

Is 1888TypeItUp Accredited By The BBB?

Common Complaints & 1888TypeItUp Reviews

What I Liked About

What I Did Not Like About

Can You Make Money With 1888TypeItUp?

Is 1888TypeItUp A Scam Or Legit?

1888TypeItUp Alternatives 

My 1888TypeItUp Review - The Final Conclusion

How I Make Money Online, founded in 2012, and headquartered in  New York City's 5th Avenue claim to be a Transcription Service company that offer their clients a 99% accuracy rate and 24 or 48 hour turn around time. 

There is no indicationas to who the founder or management team behind the company are or any indication of the type of transcription work that they take on or specialise in or their particular styling. 

I have reviewed 100+ Transcription agencies and companies offering transcription services.

This is the first and only one to date that is not giving any sign as the very nature of their business. 

The world of transcription work is wide and varied involving a number of specialist areas such as:

Legal Transcriptions.

Medical Transcriptions.

Entertainment Industry.

Business Meetings. 

Law Enforcement. 



Closed Captions. 





Conference calls

To name only a few.  

The fact that there is no detail about the exact nature of their business raises concerns. After all, this is a site and business that was first registered in 2012. 

Further concern is no indication of what type of companies they work with and who uses their transcription services. This is something that all transcriptions agencies list to permit both their clients and potential remote transcribers know exactly what kind of work they take on and what to expect. 

Often the larger, more prestigious organisations name their clients, particularly when they are well known companies and brands. 

When a business or work from home opportunity are not transparent as who is behind them, you should be very cautious. 

Running a business is something to be very proud of, not to shy away from. I have no trust in any business that does not reveal who is behind it. 

Similar, but genuine transcription agencies that may catch your attention are: 


Allegis Transcription




AccuTran Global

Affiliate Marketing

How Does 1888TypeItUp Work?

1-888-Type-It-Up, as a business model (assuming they are legit) appear to operate using the agency business model when they in effect an agency that receive the audio and video files needing to be transcribed and then forward the work to their list of transcriptionists. 

This model is beneficial for potential work from home remote transcribers as an agency that has a lot of work can save you, as a freelance transcriptionist from the time-consuming task of searching for your own clients and work that needs completion. 

What Is The Work Like?

The work as a transcriptionist can be wide and varied, particularly as a general transcriptionist as you will be transcribing files from a variety of clients in a range of different industries. 

This definitely a career choice where you will not be stuck with the GroundHog Day syndrome. 

As you continue as a freelance transcriber, you end up earning more money as your proficiency and typing speeds increase allowing you to take on more work. 

The clear advantage of being certified is exactly that - gaining the skills to do the work better and quicker and have recognised skills that potential employers and clients appreciate and acknowledge. 

Free 7 Day Transcription Course

What Are The Application Requirements?

Surprisingly applicants as young as 14 years old are allowed to apply if they get parental permission. 

All applicants must be US Based. 

Equipment required: 

A Laptop - Apple Mac or Windows Bases. 

Transcriber Headset.

Transcription Foot Pedal.

Professional Transcription Software.

MS Office and a Google Account to use google calender to show your Availability. 

Fast internet connection. 

Skype for instant messaging. 

Not to mentioned as required equipment is a grammar checker.

Something I found weird and very amateurish as a business and transcription agency is 1-888-Type-It-Up having affiliate links on their site and recommending DJ Style headphones and not a professional transcriptionists headset.

I have yet to a genuine transcription agency with affiliate links on their site. 

1888TypeItUp Requirements

I'm pretty sure those voices in the transcripts are going to sound awesome with enriched bass (sarcasm!). 


That raises flags as to me as per the professionality of those behind this site and if they even have any experience in the world of transcription. 

There is no mention of a required minimum typing speed. 

If you don't meet their requirements, for whatever reason you still have many other work from home options including Proofreading, online bookkeeping, becoming a virtual assistant or teaching English Online. 

What Is The Application Process Like?

This is where it gets murky and even more suspicious. 

The application process and their form is a very straight forward one as far as their requirements and the personal details they are looking for and your availability for work. 

Their application form itself is quite arduous and will take you quite some time to complete. 

You also have to undergo a transcription test...

Of which there is a US$39 fee attached to it!. 

Is 1888TypeItUp Legit

And that, no matter how they try to dress it up, is something that you should never have to pay for!. 

You should never pay a potential employer for any job test in any industry at all!. 

Some sites are claiming this is normal, I question such sites!.

No legitimate employer will ask you for any money in relation to your job application.

Besides, there are hundreds of transcription agencies online that are legitimate yet do not ask for any "entrance exam fee". 

It leaves you wide open to being failed automatically and a huge "thank you" for your US$39 exam fee!. 

It is reported in Reddit that everyone fails. 

Is 1888TypeItUp A Scam

The very second you get asked for any kind of fee in relation to a job application - RUN!. 

Even if it sounds legitimate like paying for a background check for a job with a legal transcription company (or any company in any industry!), those costs should be met by a prospective employer, and only for those that they are genuinely interested in employing. 

Otherwise the process, even if legitimate, becomes a source of revenue for a business. 

Recommended: Take This FREE Training Course and help yourself to pass any transcription test easily!.

Are There Any Set Working Hours?

1-888-Type-It-Up do not state any obliged working hours, only that you indicate your availability. 

As a remote transcriber you are an independent contractor and free to work which hours suit you the most. 

Effectively they are your client, you are not their employee. 

Is 188TypeItUp Jobs Legit? I think not! #TranscriptionJobs #WorkFromHome Please Retweet To Help Warn Others. 

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How Much Can You Make With 1-888-Type-It-Up?

It is claimed on their site that they pay US$30 to US$180 per audio hour. 

Note this is per hour of audio file length, not how long it takes you to complete an audio file. 

Typically speaking it one audio hour takes 4 hours to complete, thus US$30 per audio hours = 4 hours work = US$7.50 per hour worked and US$180 = US$45 per work hour. 

US$30 per audio hour does appear to be a realistic amount, while US$180 is astronomical. I have yet to see any company paying US$3 per audio minute. 

How Does 1-888 Type It Up Pay You?

Payment is made twice per month using Paypal on the 15th and 30th (or 31st) of each month. 

You must send a Net 10 invoice via Paypal before the 5th and 18th of each month to ensure you get paid on time.  

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Is This A WorldWide Work From Home Opportunity?


It stated on their site that all transcriptions are from US based transcribers and thus an indication of not being available to international applicants. 

Is 1888TypeItUp Accredited By The BBB?

You should always check out all work from home opportunities in the same manner in which you would a business opportunity. 

That means checking out how they are perceived with professional organisations like the Better Business Bureau. 

I can report that 1-888-Type-It-Up is unaccredited by the Better Business Bureau and rated at an A. 

1-888-TypeItUp BBB Rating

Common Complaints & 1888TypeItUp Reviews

On Glassdoor 1-888-Type-It-Up are poorly rated at a 1.0, while one disgruntled ex-employee is hardly anything to by, what is concerning is the complaint related to the processing fees for the exam taken.

This mirrors what was said on Reddit.  

1-888-Type-It-Up Reviews

What I Liked About

There are some things that I liked about 1888TypeItUp Which were

They are well rated by the Better Business Bureau at an A rating.

They appear to be a real company, but not clear who owns it. 

What I Did Not Like About

There are some things that I did not like about this company, which were:

Not Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. 

The Processing fee for their transcription test. 

The lack of detail regarding the type of transcription work undertaken.

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Can You Make Money With 1888TypeItUp?

In my opinon no!.

It is in my opinion that you can't make money with 1888TypeItUp as it is in my own opinion that a fake job scam is taking place here. 

Legal Transcriptionist

Is 1888TypeItUp A Scam Or Legit?

Although difficult to prove, it is my opinion that 1888TypeItUp is an elaborate fake job scam. 

There are a number of red flags that were popping up as soon as I started checking out this company, chiefly a distinct lack of detail about the transcriptions undertaken and in which industries and clients they deal with. 

The paying for a free transcription test is just a confirmation of something very fishy going on with 1-888-Type-It-Up. 

If the job is fake, the test fee is a fraud and financial loss has occurred making for a perfect description of a scam.  

Affiliate Marketing

1888TypeItUp Alternatives 

There are a number of alternatives to 1-888-Type-It-Up, once that are much more legitimate and do not ask for any processing fees. 

GMR Transcription




Neal R. Gross Transcription Jobs

Note that the companies mentioned only represent a tiny fraction of the transcription jobs available online. All of those companies are genuine and can be used as a springboard while you gain experience and move forward to better and greater things. 

I strongly advise that you give serious consideration the getting certified as this will lead you to the better jobs, the ones that pay US$40,000+ per year for a 30 hour work from home week. 

Transcribe Anywhere has without a doubt the best training course online or offline and are something to give serious consideration to. 

My 1888TypeItUp Review - The Final Conclusion is a work from home opportunity that you are best to forget about. 

Even in the case of these guys being genuine, which I doubt, I really don't think it worth your while to waste your time with them due to their rather amateurish and questionable approach. 

Particularly when you realise, you have the choice of hundreds of other companies. 

Skip them and look for something much better!.


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