AppenScribe Review 2022 - Scam Or Legit?

AppenScribe Review 2022 - Scam Or Legit?

 Whenever you want to earn money just at being at home and working from there, transcription jobs are something not to be missed.

Most of the general online transcription jobs expect neither previous experience nor any mandate qualifications to begin with.

Appenscribe Review


AppenScribe Review

All you need is an ear to listen sharply, able to type fast and effectively, good command in English and you are good to go.

Appenscribe transcription happens to be one such company that welcomes beginners and hires transcribers from all part of the world.

If you want to know similar companies that hires globally and accept beginners, read my 12 best general transcription jobs that requires no experience.

Appenscribe review

In this Appenscribe review, let's look at the pay, application process, the working model and whether it is legitimate or not.

How much does Appenscribe Pay?

The pay is either per word basis or per sentence basis or sometimes depends on the length of the audio files.

They do not have as such fixed pay rates unlike other companies have.

Whatever method they pay you, the pay is on the lower side.

People working currently at Appenscribe had vouched for it and said that the pay can be considered only as a part time earning.

Some of the files pay you $.005 per word, some up to .20cents for short files, etc.

You could hardly make around $5 to $10 per hour or even lesser than from what the internet sources are telling me.

Appenscribe Application Process:

The application process is quite simple.

Go to their website and register yourself with them first. Fill in your personal details, your country of origin and input all the languages you can speak.

Download their user guide and read their instructions before attempting their transcription test.


The transcription test contains two audio files to transcribe and from what I have heard, it is very easy to clear the test.

Once you are through with them, go to their dashboard and start working on the files as and when available.

Appenscribe Pay Rate:

Since it has a crowd source model, every file pays you differently as it varies in duration and audio clarity.

They pay you in either Australian dollars or American dollars depending upon where you are residing currently.

They pay you on time for the finished work.

You can initiate payment every two weeks and the money is sent to your PayPal account.

Working for Appenscribe:

Appenscribe jobs are very flexible to begin with.  Since you are hired as a contractor, you will be working remotely with them.

You can choose you work at own convenient timings, but make sure you work at least 20 hours a week during busy months. Otherwise they will say goodbye to you.


Since they pay your per word basis, it may look time consuming to earn a handful in the beginning. But current transcribers at Appenscribe  said that would get better with time.

There are mixed reactions regarding the working environment is concerned.

For the non native English speakers, you are hired as crowd source transcribers. You can work on the micro tasks that get listed on their company. But the pay is low for such jobs mostly in cents.

If you are multi linguist, you can tend to work on foreign language files too.

In that sense, you can earn more with Appenscribe.

If you don't know what micro tasks are, you can read my article Online Micro Jobs: 10+ Best Micro Job sites to Make Money Online for more info.

For native English speakers (U.S and Australian), they get registered as Appenscribe English transcribers and get to work on audio files that demand native speaking accent.

Is Appenscribe Legit?

The company is based out in Australia and is part of Appen Butter Hill group.  There are real transcribers working for them across globe and they get paid on time.

So legitimacy wise, they are good to apply for.

In a nutshell..

The two good things about Appenscribe jobs are they hire globally and allow beginners. But the pay is not lucrative if you ask me.

So a good option is to work parallel on different transcription sites that are beginner friendly.

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