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EngVarta Review 2022 - Legit Or Scam?

 A lot of you know that the major portion of my income comes from sitting at home and I work from home mainly. So today again I have another very good experience of mine to share with you today.

I'm going to tell you about the new money-making app that I find out about and I love the idea of this app. So let's get into the deep and find out more about how to make money online sitting at home.

Engvarta Review

The name of the app is EngVarta. It is available on the Play Store. You can download the app from Play Store and then follow the series of steps that I'm going to be guiding you on and that is when you become eligible to start making money on the application.

So today's article is mainly in three parts: --

First what exactly you have to do on the application.

Second all steps that are involved in the enrollment which is not very tedious and very simple.

Here we will also know the little rules of this app that you need to take care of so that your ID, your account does not get revoke.

So let's get into deep of the article-

 There are lots of questions in people regarding EngVarta. People always search

 What is EngVarta?

How to earn from EngVarta?

How to become an English expert at Engvarta?

Engvarta app is free or not and so on.

If you also searching like this, then you are in right place today in this article we will know all about EngVarta and how does it work.

What is EngVarta? It is an English learning platform where users come to learn English. It connects people who want to learn English with people who already have a good command of English. Here people who want to learn English are called users and those who already know English very well are called English experts. So I'm writing this article from the perspective of English experts and I will be helping you in becoming one.  

How does it work?

What you have to do is first download this application from google play store and then logged in to the application you will have to make yourself available every time. Once you make yourself available you will be getting calls from the users. These are people who enroll themselves as students. It can be just anybody it can be a 54 years old man it can be a 60 years old woman it can be a 10 years old kid it can be just anybody.

Anybody who wants to learn English will call you and you will be taking the calls and you will be getting paid per minute so when you take a call your time recording an entire call and whatever time you have spent on the call that amount of time they pay you for every single minute that you have spent on taking the calls. That's how it works.

How Much does Engvarta Pay?

The rate right now is two rupees for one minute and it might sound that this amount is not good enough but trust me it's really good if you continue with the application.

How to become EngVarta Expert?

Now let's understand how exactly can you become an English expert on EngVarta. The process is really simple it won't take you more than two or three days.

I will guide you that how you start with it?

First, you download the application from the Play Store by the name in EngVarta

Then after downloading the application from the Play Store you will have to send a call recording. You will have to record a little audio of yourself without a video just audio.

After the record, your audio sends that audio for verification. Users will hear that audio and they will revert to you whether they liked it or not.

If they will like your audio, then they will call you otherwise they will reject you. So this audio will be just anything you talk about yourself whatever you like your habits what you do anything.

Roughly one and a half minutes record your audio and send that recording to them and then they approve it and that is how the rest of the process follows. Once they approve your call recording they will send you a message and they will be talking to you on the emails also.

The next step is very simple again you have to upload your documents on the application itself. There is a section for uploading the documents.

After you click your upload document section. It will ask you for ID proof. You will have to upload and once you've uploaded them it will again be sent for verification.

Once they approve your documents that is when you upload your bank proof. You will send in your bank details because of course, they will be making you a payment after a month of whatever calls you have taken money of that call time go to your bank account.

So, they need to have your details. Do not worry just send them the details. So once they approve your documents and your bank details and all are submitted with them that is when you start with listening to the calls that are already there on the knowledge center.

It's on the application you can just visit the knowledge Center and there are some recordings of previous calls of some other experts you will be listening to those calls and after you are done with your knowledge center. Once you're done with all these steps accurately and all that is when you're ready to take the calls.

After this knowledge center, there is one more step. They will be giving you a call and they will be briefing you about the entire process and how exactly you will be taking calls, what exactly do you have to do on the application and how do you maintain your privacy your security everything they will be talking about. It's going to be a call of 15-20 minutes and once that call is done you are good to go and you can start making money on the application.

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Some Important Rules of EngVarta

Now let us get you into the deep where we know about the little details and the rules that you will have to take care of while you're working on the application. So please just follow these little rules and you'll be good to go.

The first rule is you never disclose your identity. You will be using a nickname they will ask you to choose a nickname for yourself just choose the nickname and always discuss your nickname. Do not tell your original name like I am Sanam kumari.

Secondly, a very important rule when you are working on the application process is that you will go to the application make yourself available on the application there is a little button. You have to switch that ON. That is when you start receiving the calls and once you receive a call please take the call or else if you are unable to take the call make sure that you make the call as soon as possible. Because you will be rated on your punctuality. also read- 9 Top Part-Time Online Jobs for College Students

Thirdly you will have to take care of is that there are two types of calls, there is this 5-minute call and also there are 15-minute calls. 15-minute calls are from the users which have been using the application for quite some time now. These are regular users so you will have to talk to them for of course 15 minutes exactly, not one second up or down alright. The call disconnects on its own after 15 minutes then apart from that on the screen when you are taking the call there is going to be a section of the details of the user.

So while you are taking the call just make sure that you use your earphones and because you will be required to look at the screen and then you have the details of the user you will have the experience of the user with the application so that you have a little idea of whom you're talking to apart from that there will be a set of three questions.

There is a separate section of the questions where there will be just three interesting topics that EngVarta will suggest you take up with the user while you are talking to them. Because you know talking to somebody whom you do not know. You require some kind of background of the person and you need some nice topic to talk about. So EngVarta helps you with that.

It's a wonderful feature just simply click on the questions and it will tell you what to ask that user and in fact, you have to make sure that you ask those questions because once the call ends that is when EngVarta asks you for the feedback of the call and similarly it asks the user also for the feedback of yours.

So once when you are uploading the feedback that is when you will be asked if you ask those questions or not so you will have to tick mark the questions that you ask the user and if you did not ask any of those questions it will ask you for the reason of why you did not ask those questions. So make sure you are particularly these little things so that your experience with the application goes well.

In the last, I remind you that whatever calls you to take for every minute you will be paid 2 rupees.


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