OneOpinion Review 2022 - Real Or Fake?

OneOpinion Review 2022 - Real Or Fake?

With a market of paid survey websites full of scams or companies that have an absurdly low paying rate, finding the best survey sites that actually work, pay real cash, and are full of concerned people who want you to have a great experience as a member is definitely something to be grateful for.

OneOpinion appears to have all of this: they not only pay good money for completing as many surveys as you can per day, they also have a product testing program and payment methods that will let you access cash in no time, leaving you entertained and satisfied.

OneOpinion 2022 Review

This might all sound too good to be true, which is why we have decided to explain with detail what this market research panel does so you can determine for yourself if OneOpinion has all it claims to have.

What is OneOpinion?

Let´s begin with some background information about the website. is an online community that is owned by the market research company Critical Mix. It is also a sister website to MyView, another survey panel that no longer accepts new memberships, most probably because OneOpinion has been substituted.

Although these two websites seem to somehow be related, they do not seem to share much when it comes to responsibility and customer service, which you´ll see as a fortunate thing if you happen to how MyView operates.

OneOpinion is a simple test product and paid survey panel. You can sign up for free if you are 13 years old or older and reside in the United States, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada or the UK. Sadly, they do not offer their program to other countries so far.

For those who are eligible, acquiring membership is as easy as it can be and will take you less than 2 minutes in total. Once you have completed the registration form, you will have to confirm your email address, complete a demographics questionnaire, and you will soon be ready to take your first survey.

How Does OneOpinion Works?

In order to get started with One Opinion, the first thing that is required of you is to sign up on their website. The site is free to join however, you must be based in the US, Germany, France, Australia, UK, Canada, or Italy to be considered. Membership is currently not open to residents of other countries at this time.

The process of signing up on One Opinion is very easy. It should take you less than 2 minutes to complete. As soon as registration is completed, you will need to confirm the email you provided before completing a demographics questionnaire. Once this is completed, you are ready to take your first survey on One Opinion.

One Opinion surveys can be accessed through the following means:

Invitations sent to your mail

Search through the surveys button on the website

Access surveys through your smartphone.

The number of surveys you will qualify for is largely dependent on the information you provided on your demographics questionnaire. The questionnaire was intended to elicit vital information about your interests and products you use frequently.

You can get more than 10 surveys per week as long as it is within your area of interest. If you are getting regular surveys, do not be discouraged. Very soon, you will get one that matches your area of interest.

Another way to make money from One Opinion is by taking part in its product testing activity. The products, which are yet to be released into the market, will be sent to your home in order for you to provide your honest review. If you are a new member, you should not expect any product testing opportunity. It is only available for old members.

Payment methods

For every survey or activity you complete on One Opinion, you will be entitled to points, which would have been stated at the beginning of the survey. Points are transferred to your One Opinion Account. Once accumulated, you can begin to exchange the points for rewards.

On the platform, 1,000 points is equivalent to $1. The minimum threshold for withdrawal is 25,000 points or $25.

The amount you will earn from a survey depends on how long it takes to complete the survey. While some surveys will pay up to $5, others can pay up to $15.

For product testing opportunities, you can earn up to $50 plus the opportunity to have free products delivered to you.

One Opinion makes payment via PayPal or Visa debit card depending on your preference.

Scam Or Legit:

If you are looking for ways to make money either as a teen or adult, One Opinion is the best platform for you. Reviews gathered from the website and its members have shown that One Opinion pays, is responsive, and very active.

OneOpinion made it simpler to take surveys, and its low disqualification rate made it easy and relatively fun to use. It's difficult to make a lot of money through these sites, and OneOpinion is no exception, as its high barrier for cashing out means you'll have to take a lot more surveys to see any real value. If you're looking for lower thresholds for reward redemption, check out our roundup of sites that allow users to take surveys for money. You might find one that's a better fit.

No matter which survey provider you try, set up an email address specifically for messages from these sites. Offers from these sites can clog up your personal inbox -- OneOpinion sent me 15 emails over a five-day period. Be sure to install some anti-malware software, in case you end up on a spammy site. And remember to take breaks when you feel your eyes or brain getting tired.

If you decide surveys aren't your thing, there are many other ways to make money.

How to Sign Up?

A chatbot will guide you through the process. You'll have to enter your name, accept their user agreement, and provide an email address.

You'll also be asked to verify that you're either in the US or UK.

From there you'll be sent an email to confirm your sign-up. Clicking that will complete your account registration and you'll be able to start taking surveys. There is no sign up bonus.

The whole process takes a few minutes. 

Pros and cons


A fresh, simple, and constantly updated webpage design.

It is suitable for teens

More than one member of a household can partake in the survey

One of the best customer care service available to users.


So far, there have been little or no complaints about One Opinion. The only issue for now is that people tend to be disqualified from surveys, which is the norm with most survey websites.


If you are searching for a way to make a fair amount of money by completing surveys and testing products at home, OneOpinion is an excellent option. From both the website and its members' opinions, you can immediately know that this is a company that really pays, is responsive, active, and is trying hard to make its survey system work.

OneOpinion is 100% recommended. By joining them you will not only have the chance to be rewarded for sharing your opinion through surveys but you will also be paid in cash and will be joining a community that is trustworthy and fair.


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