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Quicktate Review 2022 - Scam or Legit?

 Want to work from home as a transcriber? If yes, then you are in the right place. Let me introduce one of the popular company that offers transcription jobs for work-at-home people and freelancers.

Yes, It is Quicktate. Here is our genuine Quicktate review that guides you on how to apply and work with it.

Quicktate review

Quicktate is a transcription company that hires people with good communication and transcribing skills. Skills like handling a computer or any PC or a laptop, good internet connection, hearing skills, and typing skills.

If you are very familiar with your transcribing skills, you can start working from home. This helps you to start earning your income accordingly.


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Post Contents

Quicktate Review

Quicktate hires general transcribers to work from home and does not expect any experience certificate.

This also means any starter can start transcribing at Quicktate. This also indicates that the type of work can be easy.

Additional to transcribing, this company also offers to dictate documents by mobile phones through their iDictate division.

This post will give you an idea of both the advantages and disadvantages of working for Quicktate. This will be very helpful if you want to join Quicktate.

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Quicktate Review -- Job Requirements

No specific experience certificate needed. Any fresher can apply for this company,

You must have a personal computer or laptop,

Good internet facility with a high-speed connection is mandatory,

High-quality headphones

Accuracy in typing, wonderful grip over vocabulary, grammar, spellings.

Zeal to work within specific hours. Promised hours have to be fulfilled.

Quite a workspace is necessary, as you are handling audio files that need to be transcribed into a written document.


Quicktate Review -- Payments and Growth

According to the sources and reviews of previous employers, the average pay you get from Quicktate is $7 -- $10 per hour.

This income may be a bit below compared to what professional transcribers receive.

This company helps people to gain experience in the transcribing sector. Also to inform if you are a good transcriber the payment will not suit your work skills.

Quicktate processes the payment every Monday through PayPal.

The iDictate division is the next step you earn on promotion. You can earn higher than Quicktate.

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Quicktate -- How To Apply?

Visit the Quicktate website and start filling your application form with a basic introduction and 3 professional references.

Attempt their typing test and the quiz to get qualified. Approval of the application takes about  2 to 3 weeks. Also, remember to pay a $15 fee as a background check.

Once approved you can start working with Quicktate. If your application gets rejected, then you need to wait for 2 months to apply again.


Genuine Quicktate Review

If you have a doubt whether Quicktate offers jobs for people outside the United States? Yes, it would be the answer.

People within the US or outside the US need to fill in the tax ID number column to get hired.

Quicktate has shorter-length files compared to those on the iDictate division. The iDictate division has longer files to be dictated through mobile apps.

Specific work hours make it a bit tough when you start comparing the effort you give in to the returns you get back.

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Employee Feedback

With a good performance at Quicktate, one of the associates got promoted to iDictate. Later had a terrible experience.

For the people who think they can earn a huge amount through Quicktate, they have always been disappointed as the payment is low.



I hope our Quicktate review is helpful. This job is the best choice for beginners as it doesn't ask for any previous experience.

If you really think you can start transcribing, go for it. It is Easy, Simple, and Convenient.

The pay is comparatively lower than other companies but as a beginner, you better work here until you get some experience. Later you can move on.


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